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Across a Sky Blue Mind Pipped D6s

Across a Sky Blue Mind Pipped D6s

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"Do you see them? The clouds. Clouds are like dreams floating across a sky blue mind." From the elemental plane of air to a sunny day on the Nentir Vale, to that secret wish that broke the spell that you never told the party about DAVE, these dreamy dice will have you floating. Floating? Really? What a cheeseball line. Who is writing these? I'm writing these? But I'm...oh no...DAMMIT DAVE!

Classic D6 Dice with Pips. These come in sets of 4, 6, and 8.


WeeZerd Dice are all, each and every one, handmade. By a person. With their hands. That means that each and every die will have slight variations and evidence of human touch. Patterns may shift and change, or they may show slight marks of the making process, such as small bumps, micro-scratches, texture, etc. None of these human imperfections, however, will affect the dice, or their rolls. If your dice have some of these marks, cherish them as proof that your dice were lovingly made by a real person, and not a machine, or if you suspect that your dice may have some imperfection that WILL actually affect its rolling abilities, reach out via email to for a replacement.

*No Daves were harmed in the making of this product description.

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