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Uulie Oversized D20s

Uulie Oversized D20s

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The lumberjacks and hunters of the village range for miles in the forests to the West, North, and even in the dark wood to the South, but none traverse East. No roads nor path divide the trees in the eastern forest, and the game there goes unmolested, for every man woman and child knows stories of the witch that resides there. Some claim to have even seen her, and the oldest crones tell tales that, once upon a time, she would come to town to trade once a year. So imagine the shock that befell the sleepy hamlet one spring morning, when a strange young woman with twigs in her hair and whistling a song came happily from between the eastern trees.


WeeZerd Dice are all, each and every one, handmade. By a person. With their hands. That means that each and every die will have slight variations and evidence of human touch. Patterns may shift and change, or they may show slight marks of the making process, such as small bumps, micro-scratches, texture, etc. None of these human imperfections, however, will affect the dice, or their rolls. If your dice have some of these marks, cherish them as proof that your dice were lovingly made by a real person, and not a machine, or if you suspect that your dice may have some imperfection that WILL actually affect its rolling abilities, reach out via email to for a replacement.

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